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Justin Weekes
Courtney Goggin takes a snap from Brandi D'Amarto during practice Saturday at Cheshire High School in Cheshire November,9 2013 | Justin Weekes / For the Record-Journal

Cheshire High powder puff team readies for clash with Southington


Name Number

Christina Albini 62

Erin Albrecht 78

Taylor Bond 29

Kristin Cabrera 26

Glennith Capone 52

Katie Cavallaro 0

Madison Cerrone 95

Anisa Chaudhry 22

Brandi D’Amato 27

Becca Day 31

Alexa DiLeo 18

Lily Dolyak 41

Alison Durso 28

Madison Edmunds 15

Julianna Ennis 87

Marissa Esposito 12

Emily Fisher 73

Rachel Galuska 88

Jess Goodwin 66

Courtney Goggin 11

Isabella Gozzo 13

Jamie Guerra 33

Alissa Hassenplug 60

Bridget Healey 37

Laura Heynen 20

Jillian Hissick 77

Elana Korman 44

Shani Korte 51

Abbie Lange 8

Patricia Larson 99

Maddy Levy 16

Becca Ligi 9

Caitlin Mandela 14

BryAnna McIntosh 7

Ava Melillo 19

Brooke Mommsen 98

LeAnn Mongillo 42

Alanna Murphy 23

Allie Otlowski 57

Kate Perdion 94

Hannah Rojas 2

Selina Sampieri 17

Paige Schwartz 6

Maggie Strunk 25

Sarah Sullivan 38

Morgan Troiano 10

Meghan Van Wie 5

Kayle Ward 3

Samantha Welch 24

Eva Whelan 32

Kelli Woodson 21

CHESHIRE — It may be called powder puff football, but the girls who participate use anything but powder puffs to prepare for the game.

It’s getting out in all kinds of weather and running plays, but it’s also about learning the game of football and working together as a team.

“It’s been a challenge getting all the girls to understand football. They’re watching football on the weekends now with their dads,” said coach George Gilhuly, who has been coaching Cheshire High powder puff for 13 years. “Some of the girls are explaining moves to their parents now. They’re able to tell what’s going wrong.”

The Cheshire High School team has 52 members, all seniors, which includes six managers.

The girls will play a scrimmage against Platt High School at 3 p.m. Saturday at the Cheshire High School football field leading up to the rivalry week game scheduled for 6 p.m. Nov. 26 against Southington at Southington High School’s Fontana Field.

“Fifteen girls on the team have never played a sport in their lives,” Gilhuly said.

“I always wanted to do this but I have a knee injury and can’t play,” said Alexandria Otlowski, one of the six managers. “The girls do work hard. I take attendance, help the coach, help the girls out when they have questions.”

The camaraderie is the best part of the whole thing, Gilhuly and the girls said.

“In football you have to be a team to win. In football, if you’re not a team you don’t win,” Gilhuly said. “That kind of play helps them later on in life. If you can’t work with other people, you’re never going to make it.”

The girls agreed, saying that before powder puff, they knew who each other but had not spent any time with each other.

“Now we know everyone on the team,” Otlowski said. “A lot of the girls I’ve never talked to before.”

“I joined because I’m a very athletic person, but the best experience has been learning about and meeting new people on the team,” said tight end Alexa Dileo. “Now I say hi to them in the hallways. I didn’t expect that would be part of it, but it’s good.”

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