Bridge to be named after one of Cheshire’s first police officers

CHESHIRE — The bridge on Route 10 over Interstate 691 will be named Lieutenant Myron Verner Memorial Bridge today, after one of the co-founders of the Cheshire Police Department.

State Rep. Mary G. Fritz, D-Cheshire, will be holding a public ceremony on the bridge at 11 a.m.

Verner retired from the Cheshire Police Department in 1993 after 38 years of service. He died in 2011 at 79.

Fritz moved to include the designation honoring Verner in a transportation bill passed during the General Assembly session that includes a provision that honors the memory of persons and organizations.

“As one of the officers who founded Cheshire’s Police Department, Officer Verner deserves this honor following a long and distinguished career serving the public,” Fritz said in a statement. “I was very pleased to include his name in legislation that designates roads and bridges to honor special people.”

Verner was one of five police officers who founded the police department in 1955.

When he retired, he was the longest serving police officer in Cheshire history, said Lt. James Fasano, public information officer for the department.

Fasano worked with him when Fasano was just starting out on the force as a dispatcher, then as a patrolman.

“Everyone knew Myron and everyone liked him. He was a really nice man,” Fasono said. “He was a great asset to the town. He always seemed to find kids before they could get into trouble.”

When he retired in 1993, Verner had attained the rank of lieutenant and was a patrol shift commander.

“Up until the day he died, he always had a police scanner in his house, so he always knew what was going on,” Fasano said. “We’d go over and visit him and he’d ask how’s this going and how’s that going. He served the town very well.” (203) 317-2208 Twitter: @EveBritton

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